• "Our 6 wheel rover"
  • "Our quadcoptor frame made from carbon fiber"
  • "An early swarm robot design"
  • "Laser Cutter!"
  • "Some of the many things we sell on Bears With Lasers"
  • "Our Mercer Truck"
  • "One of our soldering workshops were students learn the basics by building a robot"

Mercer Robotics Club

Mercer Robotics Club is the social wing of MIRL. We have fundraising events and social gatherings listed on the calendar. We have several ongoing projects, listed below, as well as many smaller personal projects.

Battle Bots

Mercer Battle Bots have arrived. We will be hosting several tournaments this year, as well as many free-play events. Come challenge your friends or our reigning champion. Play with ours or build your own. We can help you with kits. There is no entry fee for competitions. The final tournament will be held on Bear Day at our booth in the Engineering Expo. Follow us on twitter at @Mercer_Robotics for locations and times. We may even broadcast winners live.

Get Involved

We have projects that you can jump in on now. There are several that are under construction or others that you can build completely. See our officers for more information or email our project manager for more information.

Current Club Projects