• "Our 6 wheel rover"
  • "Our quadcoptor frame made from carbon fiber"
  • "An early swarm robot design"
  • "Laser Cutter!"
  • "Some of the many things we sell on Bears With Lasers"
  • "Our Mercer Truck"
  • "One of our soldering workshops were students learn the basics by building a robot"

Welcome to Mercer's Machine Intelligence and Robotics Laboratory's Website

At MIRL, we empower ambitious students with resources to build robots for fun and competition, remove barriers to entry into robotics, and create a path to engineering leadership success. We are a hacker space for the Mercer campus and we welcome everyone from every major.

You can start hands-on, graduate-level research immediately. We have no division between undergraduate and graduate level research, in order to pass on as much knowledge as possible. Current lab projects are listed on the Research page, and the Mercer Robotics Club offers several smaller ongoing projects, as well as additional resources for more.

If you have photos from one of our events and would like to share them, please send them to mirlwebsite1@gmail.com

We are still a work in progress, so please bear with us if links don't work.

Where Are We?

We are located in the Science and Engineering Building, Room 232. We are open Monday thru Friday 9-4.


To get involved click below or come see us in the lab.


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