• "Our 6 wheel rover"
  • "Our quadcoptor frame made from carbon fiber"
  • "An early swarm robot design"
  • "Laser Cutter!"
  • "Some of the many things we sell on Bears With Lasers"
  • "Our Mercer Truck"
  • "One of our soldering workshops were students learn the basics by building a robot"

FIRST Robotics Competition

MIRL worked with local high school teams last year providing engineering expertise. Below are some of the outreach events that we have done in the past. Check back for future events.

Dates have been set

for the Peachtree regional and for a new regional in Perry, Georgia! GA FIRST is asking for help with both events. If you would like to participate, contact MIRL with the subject line "FIRST Volunteer". MIRL is looking forward to being able to help GA FIRST this year.

Workshops in 2014

Listed below are the workshops that we hosted in 2014. (links provided if available)

Workshops in 2013

Listed below are the workshops that we hosted in 2013. (links provided if available)