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The National Residence Hall Honorary is a community service-based honor society. We are very small, as we are only allowed to induct 1% of our on-campus student population. We meet bi-weekly and do most of our community service on the weekends.

Spring 2013 Meetings & Events

Next meeting will be in Knight Hall Room 206

Task Month, Date Building, Room Number
General Meeting TBA Knight Hall, 206
General Meeting TBA Knight Hall, 206
Reconciliation House TBA -
General Meeting TBA Knight Hall, 206

Past Events

In addition, we work very closely with an organization called Reconciliation House, and try to visit them at least twice a semester. The Reconciliation House serves as a community house for women who have recently been released from prison and are trying to get back onto their feet and readapt to society. We often do yard work or clean sheds, rooms, etc for the Reconciliation House. We don’t interact with the women themselves often, but we have an excellent relationship with the owners of RH. Last semester we were able to present them with a laptop for Christmas so they may better serve the needs of their community members.Fall Fest








We are working on becoming officially recognized as a chapter through NACURH, which is the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. Once we become affiliated, we can begin taking requests for “OTMs”, AKA, “Of The Month” awards. OTMs may be submitted to us by individuals and organizations all around campus. Some categories include Resident Assistant OTM, Program OTM, Advisor OTM, Organization OTM, Service Event OTM, etc.Laptop







Mercer Bears!

NRHH is part of a larger organization entitled the Residence Hall Association, which encompasses all aspects of residence life, including Hall Councils and RAs. Two members of NRHH recently went to a conference with some of our Hall Council members to represent Mercer University for our state. They had an amazing time!

Prospective Members

Now is an excellent time to get involved with NRHH, as we have many graduating seniors and many fresh new faces with new ideas are going to join our team. YOU have the power to shape the future of our organization! We are busy working on our website and really marketing ourselves this year so we may continue to grow in the future. Please see the membership tab for more information.