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  Seminar by Jay Sisco " I see the light ...So Now What ?? "

Jay Sisco, President of the AAPS giving a talk to the graduate students

Jay Sisco interacting with the graduate students

From Left : Graduate students Nima Akhavein, John bauer, Thanyanyan, Srujana Siddoju, Richard Addo, Alladin Siddiq (Post Doc) and Sanjay Gayyakwad.

From Left : Martin J D'Souza, Jay Sisco, Nima Akhavein and Ajay K Banga

From Left Viswatej Vemullapalli, Sameer Late, Jay Sisco, Nima Akhavein, Sanjay Gayakwad and Dilip Devineni.

Nima Akhavein presenting a plaque to Jay Sisco.


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