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Welcome to Our Newman Family!!!

"Allow yourself to be drawn to Christ; accept his invitation and follow him." - Pope John Paul II

Welcome to our Newman Family! Mercer Catholic Newman Ministry is a religious organization at Mercer meant to help students evolve in their faith. Catholic Newman Ministry provides Mass, bible studies, praise & worship and much more on campus allowing students to explore their faith in fellowship with each other.

The purpose of this Ministry shall be to enlighten and bond Catholics in the pursuit of growth in:

A belief in the invisible, in our religion and each other stemming from a trust that God will provide as long as we try to do what He wants us to do. This is based on continual learning, growth and understanding of Catholic faith and heritage.

The faith and trust in each other that is shown in sharing, caring and bonding of ideas, likenesses, beliefs and spirituality. This union would be marked by honesty, joy, love, hope and smiles. It can come about be accepting ourselves, believing in our future and God's love for each and all of us.

The honesty and integrity to follow added to a belief in yourself which will strengthen you to guide others in a mature fashion into the future with faith.

A service of support for each member that will result in our reaching out to share our faith and a generosity of time and energy to others.

While primarily targeted towards Catholic university students at Mercer, Wesleyan, and Macon State, the organization is open to all college students of all faiths in Macon/Warner Robins to help share and foster Christian ideals.

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