• "Our 6 wheel rover"
  • "Our quadcoptor frame made from carbon fiber"
  • "An early swarm robot design"
  • "Laser Cutter!"
  • "Some of the many things we sell on Bears With Lasers"
  • "Our Mercer Truck"
  • "One of our soldering workshops were students learn the basics by building a robot"

Senior Design Projects

Senior Design allows students to test their engineering knowledge in a real-world setting prior to graduation. On each project, three to four students collaborate to design, build, and test a realistic engineering system under faculty supervision. Each project is completed for a real-world client, thereby giving students an opportunity to experience engineering challenges paralleling those found in the real-world. In addition to actually completing the projects, students must also account for safety, economic, environmental, and ethical concerns.

Mars Rover

The Mars Rover is a small prototype science rover to explore extraterrestrial terrain.

Autonomous Submarine

This project works in conjunction with the autonomous kayak. The sub is a tethered underwater search vehicle. It will be able to go with the kayak to search through flooded areas looking for hazards to rescue workers and survivors.

Autonomous Quadcoptor

This project is focusing on inexpensive aerial photography within the reach of farmers. With multispectral imaging farmers will be able to make better descisions on how to water and fertilize their crops, making the products cheaper for the end consumer.

Autonomous Kayak

This project is developing a communications and experiment base for the autonomous submarine. The kayak is designed to be easily transported, quickly set up, and left to run for days on end. When complete it will have space for several 2ft by 2ft experiments, such as determining water quality in disaster areas.

Autonomous Universal Vehicle Operator

This vehicle operator is designed to be able to control many types of vehicles. It is a small robot that is intended to be placed in the drivers seat and from there operate the vehicle safely on city roads. It is our current efforts at one of the many Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) challenges.